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For our customers Privacy, Pest Prep NYC vehicles are unmarked, our uniforms do not bear our name, and our equipment is carried in concealed plastic bags. Your neighbors will only know why we're in your home if you choose to tell them.

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Customer Testimonials

Claire Boucher

7 months ago

I called Rich in a panic to help me prep my apartment because I was told by an extermination company that they found a dead nymph. Rich immediately told me to get a second opinion and the apartment was found to be clean by an expert. I’m grateful for the honesty and to deal with someone with some clarity in this business. Rich lost a lot of $$$ off what could’ve been an easy sale for him. I’m happy to have found him and happy to have no bed bugs!!

Jennifer Smith

2 years ago

After our apartment tested positive by our building's exterminator, we reached out to Rich who recommended that we seek a second opinion. From the start, Rich was very confident that we did not have bed bugs. He was honest, professional, and caring regarding the nature and scope of his work. Rich spoke to us several times on the phone(after regular business hours) and visited our apartment on a Sunday. He was extremely knowledgeable and reassuring. We contacted Discovery Dogs (Mike Hanna) who thoroughly examined our apartment visually and with a canine and found no evidence of bed bugs. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is dealing with a bed bug issue.

Zachary Siegel

2 years ago

The level of service from this company is exceptional. The owner takes a very hands on approach and works extremely hard to solve your pest problems in the most efficient manner. Not only does the company do all your prep, the owner works as a consultant with you every step of the way throughout the process.

From beginning to end you are catered to. The company understands your issues/fears and works to calm you down. The thing with these awful pests is that you can never be 100% sure that an extermination will completely eliminate them, ESPECIALLY without the proper prep. Pest Prep goes above and beyond to prep you correctly for the extermination, resulting in little to no work on your end. After the extermination they will even come back upon your request to make sure the process was done with the proper chemicals, ensuring as much as humanely possible that the job was done correctly.

I even asked the company to re-send me an itemized contract a month or two after the job was done. We are trying to get the landlord to pay a little bit of the bill. Pest Prep immediately remembered me when I called and I received the contract in my email that very same day.

100% worth the price for the service you receive.

Great Service. Bug Free. Better Sleep. Happy.

Frank Gonzalez

2 years ago

I rented a house in the Poconos one weekend and had to return home because the rental was infested with bed bugs. I came home in the middle of the night, covered in bites, to find a bug in my apartment’s bed. Traumatized by what transpired in the Poconos I began frantically calling 24-hour services in the City. I accidentally called Rich’s company, not knowing Pest Prep specialized in packing, but luckily he picked up at 2:30am. He calmed me down, examined multiple pictures he asked me text him, and talked to me until 4am on a Holiday Weekend, while he was on vacation.

Over the course of the next week, he continued to walk me through the inspection process (again, not what is Company does) – advising me of standard/not standard industry practices, signs to look for, questions to ask/not to ask, etc. Luckily I did not have bed bugs at home!

Rich could have taken advantage of my panicked and crazed state, telling me that night and in the days to come that the pictures I sent him were bed bugs and that I needed to employ his services immediately, given that his Company would only be necessary if I did have an infestation in my own home. Rather than do that, he took time out of his night, vacation, and week (and essentially took money out of his pocket) to help a complete stranger.

During my week long ordeal, I asked Rich if I could pay him for his psychological and professional services. He simply replied, “just pay it forward – the world needs more good people.” Specifically, the world needs more good people like Rich. If his Company is one quarter as good at their specialty as he is at being a thoughtful and caring human, you will be in great hands.

Cannot thank him enough.

Jackson Riso

3 years ago

Rich is the man! He is incredibly nice. Talking to him over the phone made me feel so much better about the bedbug situation in my apartment.

He came by my place on a weekend to take a look, educate me on how the industryworks, and give me one of the cheaper quotes I'd seen for the services he was providing.

The most amazing thing? I didn't even end up using his services. He taught me that a particular extermination company had a history of defrauding customers. In other words, there was a VERY high chance that there were no bedbugs in my apartment at all. This company was just saying there were so they could get a big fat check from my management company.

Taking matters into my own hands, I decided to get an independent inspection done, and no signs of bedbugs have been found. I've sealed my apartment, and I'm hoping I can last the year with nothing come in from other apartments before I move out.

Talking to Rich saved me weeks of essentially being homeless while my apartment was being treated. Thanks Rich!

Stephanie Neto

3 years ago

Rich and his team helped my sister and me during an incredibly stressful time. Our experience with them was amazing! They were very professional and provided service fast, which was exactly what we needed. Within two days of my initial phone call Rich provided us with an estimate and he and his team came over to bag everything.

Throughout our ordeal with bed bugs, Rich was an excellent source of information and assistance. Weeks after our heat treatment was done, and our bedbug situation was not resolved, Rich provided us with advice on how to proceed and what information we needed to ask our exterminator and landlord for. He also provided us with referrals to other exterminators, to ensure that our apartment was being treated properly. Overall, he really made us feel like he actually cared about what was going on in our apartment.

Rich was great to work with and I highly recommend Rich and his team!! They were a saving grace, and still continue to be!!

Rjilk F

3 years ago

Rich and his team were lifesavers at a terrible time in our lives. As anyone who has had bed bugs knows it is beyond stressful, both physically and emotionally draining. Rich was the first person (and I had spoken with many) that actually made me feel like everything was going to be okay. Not only do you get someone who always answers your calls when you have questions, you also get someone who is extremely knowledgeable and becomes invested in helping you get your life back. In addition, I can't say enough good things about the 3 guys Rich brought to pack up our apartment. They were professional, honest and truly caring. We also decided to use them to unpack when things were all clear, which saved us so much time and effort. Rich and his team kept me sane in an insane time. I highly recommend them if you ever find yourself in this very unfortunate situation, no one will take better care of you and your family.

Patricia Grande

3 years ago

The interesting thing is that I did not use the service. Rich came to our apartment after we had had a chemical treatment but were not able to prep all our stuff in advance. Half we had put through the dryer but the rest we just had time to seal into Ziploc bags in order to be ready for the chemical treatment. Rich said he thought we did not have bedbugs but to be vigilant. He has a person he works with who has a canine inspection service, Mike Hanna at Discovery Dogs. I was on the verge of hysteria - who am I kidding? I was hysterical more than once and called Rich begging him to come treat my stuff because I wasn't sure what could be lurking in those unopened, untreated Ziploc bags. We spoke a number of times on the phone and he was always available, no matter the time or the day. Finally we agreed on a plan that he would come and open all the bags and then Mike would come with Daisy to perform a visual and canine inspection. If anything was found, he would then treat all the stuff. True to their word, they came yesterday. Rich came first and I felt that bubonic plague was being released when he opened those bags. Mike came and performed a very thorough visual inspection then he and Daisy inspected, then Daisy alone. Daisy is the most wonderful dog! And Mike clearly loves his work. He explained that his background is in forensics so he looks for and examines hard evidence. They found, as they had suspected, no evidence of bedbugs, thinking that by my immediately disposing of the entire bed and headboard, that the problem was controlled early, before any infestation could take hold. More than the scientific and technical skills, these guys are like your therapist, your clergyman, your best friend all rolled into one. They have been so reassuring and have spent so much time over the past couple of weeks talking me off the ledge. Rich said he could make several thousand dollars doing the job but talked me out of it because he felt it would be morally wrong to take my money if there really was no problem. We have been living this nightmare since mid-July and are just starting to put our apartment back together. Rich and Mike should be your first calls if you suspect you might have bedbugs. I wish I had known about them when this all started. Rich and Mike I wish you all the best and thank you so much for being there for me.

E. L. G-E

3 years ago

Richie's middle names are (or should be) customer service. He cares about his customers like few businessmen I have ever met in my life. Pray that you never get bedbugs...but if you do Richie and Bed Bug Pest Prep should be your first call!

Harry Marte

3 years ago

Extremely honest, fast response, very customer oriented and knowledgeable. No need to go anywhere else for bed bug prep services.

Thank you Rich for making my life easier

Anne Griffin

4 years ago

Great, and a relief! I recently had bed bugs in my apartment, and needless to say, that was a very stressful and gross time. These guys made it much less stressful. I got a free quote which was simple, straightforward, and was fair and reasonable. We scheduled a date and they sent two detail oriented, professional employees to my apartment to treat and pack up everything for the exterminator to come the next day.

1. Saved me time. They did in one night what would have taken me a whole weekend plus some time to do.

2. Put my mind at ease that someone who KNOWS how to treat belongings for this type of prep was doing it instead of me hoping I did everything right.

It was worth every penny for a bit of sanity and peace of mind during a stressful situation. They were great at communicating with me leading up to the visit and I would recommend them to anyone.

Lastly, the owner of this business is one of the most honorable, stand-up people I've met as a person and as a business owner. We had a complicated situation and he went above and beyond to make sure we were really clear of the nasty critters and took the time even after we had already got the treatment and paid to give us useful, honest, and direct advice to make sure our apartment says free of them. The service itself was great, but I cannot say enough good things about the owner himself and how he runs his business. What a lifesaver. He is truly there for his customers.

Kristine K. _ Midtown, NYC


The team was very professional and got the job done quick!  I recently had bed bugs in my apartment and I honestly thought it was the worst thing that could happen to me.  I was very stressed and upset and Rich made my experience the best it could have been.  

He was one of the only companies that picked up EVERY time I called and was at my apartment when we said he would be.  He did a visual inspection and was able to get his guys over the next day to pack up my apartment.  They came over, heated everything, and best of all made me feel better about the whole situation.  What would have taken me a week to do they did in a couple of hours! They were also was nice enough to come to my place a second time-- right before our second fumigation-- to reheat the clothing we used over the two week time period.  This is not something he charged me for and not something they usually do but he did it because I told him it would make me feel better.  

They were also was very honest with me during the whole process and recommended a couple pest control companies that he trusted-- made me feel more safe and the company he recommended I used and LOVED!

Lastly, there is just something about using a company whose employees have all had bed bugs at one time or another.  They know what you are going through and WANT to help you. They care about you and it made me feel more relaxed and gave me piece of mind knowing I was in good hands!

I hope I never have a reason to use Bed Bug Pest Prep NYC again but if these pesky pests come back again there is no doubt in my mind who my first call will be!

Frank M. _ Brooklyn,NY


Amazing service from top to bottom.  I recently discovered I had bed bugs in my apartment, and heard about Pest Prep NYC from a friend.  I was not disappointed.  They came in to my apartment, did a check of the infected area, as well as the rest of the apartment and he was honest about my situation.  He gave me a free quote, and gave me great advice on how to handle the situation, which definitely put my mind at ease.   

I received an estimate on services which was shockingly fair and reasonable compared to what I've read online from other services.  We agreed on a date and Rich and his crew showed up on time and did not waste any time sealing and packing up my belongings.

Pest Prep NYC is probably the most honest company I've ever dealt with.  The fact that the crew was helpful and reliable and ready to answer any questions I had says a lot about the owner and how seriously he takes his work and cares for his customers.

Rich gave me his number and was able to answer any questions (which were a lot) I had day or night, really made me feel at ease.  

I recommend this company for anyone who finds themselves with an unfortunate pest problem.

Larry C.


I was in a world of hurt after exterminators informed me that I would need to prep my apartment as quickly as possible to ensure that the severe infestation discovered was treated as expeditiously as possible. With my boss out of town, it would not have been possible for me to do the prep work as described in a month, let along a few days, especially with my boss out of town on vacation. I found Pest Prep NYC in an online article and Rich arrived that evening to provide me with an estimate, a great deal of reassurance, and a guarantee that the work would receive his personal attention. He assured me that very evening that he (and PP NYC) would be available to me 24-7 throughout the entire process. Keeping in mind that , the amazing Will and their crew will, perforce, be going through all of your stuff, you need to feel comfortable with the gentleman performing this service. As it turned out, in order for my Mom to feel safe in her nearby apartment, we asked PP NYC to treat and prep her apartment as well. These guys could not have treated my 85 year old mother better and went out of their way to reassure her that they would take care of her as well throughout the entire process.  and Pest Prep NYC have delivered everything they initially promised and more. Since I know that you are going to need capable, qualified and dedicated assistance to properly prep your apartment for treatment, I hope you will consider this excellent service provider. To remain safe, we have also retained PP NYC to monitor our apartments on a monthly basis going forward. Mom and I found these gentleman supportive and reassuring throughout the entire process and feel greatly indebted to all of them who assisted us so professionally. Mom and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the assistance you have provided to us during this most difficult time.

Yolanda L.


After a family trip to Disney my husband and I apparently brought bed bugs into our apartment. When we got the "to do" list from our exterminator we were overwhelmed. So we called Pest Prep. The owner came by to give us an estimate, and answered all of our questions. The following day they prepped our apartment. They were amazing! I highly recommend these guys.

Rob D.


My family was shocked when we found out we had bed bugs. My wife and children were completely freaked out, So we called Pest Prep. The owner came by to evaluate our situation and was very informative, and calmed us down. The following day they came to prep our apartment (which was a Sunday) we were shocked with how much stuff we had. They treated everything with care and finished our 3 bedroom apartment in 8 hours! These guys were amazing! I highly recommend their service not only for the great job they did ,but more importantly the way they made us feel better during this horrible time.