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We choose to educate our customers, because a prepared mind will have a successful extermination.

First and foremost, my best advice would be to take a deep breath and to please not panic! I assure you, this is a fixable problem. Don't be embarrassed, you have done nothing wrong. Because it is natural for human nature to dictate, we tend to make rash decisions under stress. And although this is a lengthy process and impossible to be rectified "immediately" or "within a day". it is still undoubtedly doable! If you have found yourself in this predicament, or just need some information, don't hesitate to call and ask for me, Richard Kane. I am the founder of Pest Prep NYC and am always here to help. Kindness is free to give, and priceless to receive. All the best,


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In order for a pest control company to effectively treat your home or apartment, it must be prepared accordingly. Unfortunately, the preparation process can be a stressful and time-consuming process, but that's where Pest Prep NYC thrives! By using our bed bug treatment preparation services, you will allow the exterminator to treat areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.
If bed bugs invade your life, there are some key steps one should always remember... 
  • Factor 1

    The Nymph or birth cycle of the bed bug is 14 days. This means it takes 14 days for an egg to hatch once it has been laid. It will not impede the success of your remediation or manifest into a severe infestation if you take a day or 3 to process what has happened here in your home. Consult an ethical professional and do your due diligence. Don't feel pressured to act hastily. Take your time and do it right the first time.

  • Factor 2

    Having Bed Bugs is binary, they are either there or they are not. That is why it is very important to get a neutral inspection done, either visually or with a K9. This is a harder task to accomplish than you might think. It is paramount that this inspection be objective. The way to secure objectivity is by not giving clues. Allow the inspection to be done unbiasedly. 

bed bug life cycle
  • Factor 3

    If using a K9 Inspection and the dog alerts to something in your home, that does not necessarily mean that you have a bed bug problem. The K9 is a tool that the inspector should use. It is not the do all or say all. A hammer can not build a house. The carpenter uses the hammer the same way an inspector should use the K9. 

    Repeat this line outloud: "The dog said I have bed bugs." Sounds silly, right? That's because it is. You should not take this as a thorough inspection. If the animal alerts to something, the inspector should then take out his flashlight AND INSPECT. This by definition is what you are retaining their services for.  If this not done, you have not gotten an inspection. Instead, someone just walked their dog around your home. Don't be fooled.

  • Factor 4

    The smartest Lassie caliber level of intelligence in K9s, equals the mental capacity of a three year old child. Don't take our word for it, watch this video from Lou Sorkin, the head entomologist at the Museum of Natural History, here in NYC and the world's foremost expert on Bed Bugs on ABC's 20/20.

  • Factor 5

    Bed Bug remediation and preparation can be very expensive. It is also an extremely enduring and arduous task. Unfortunately, for 14 to 21 days, your entire normal day to day will stop as you know it  All of your belongings MUST remain sealed in plastic while this is going on. When you add children into the mix, take it from me it is far from fun. That's why it is important to finding legitimate activity (a live bug or bugs)and proof that bugs exist before moving forward. 

  • Factor 6

    If you, yourself have found a live bugs or bugs, there is no reason to waste money on an inspection. You already know they are there. Protect yourself and do not fall victim to the scent detection scam. If a dog told you that you needed to put a new engine in your car, would you blindly do it or would you want proof? There are checks and balances in everything else in life. This should be no different. If you need help finding the right inspector, we can recommend vetted professionals. I would never recommend a person  I wouldn't use in my own home. 

Bed Bug Facts


Perfectly prepped for bed bug treatment
bed ready for bed bug treatment
Children's toys and stuffed animals prepped for bed bug extermination
stripped mattress for bed bug extermination

Removal and Packing of Clothing and Household Items

Pest Prep NYC will empty dressers, wall units, book shelves, night stands, and other furniture; contents will be thermally sanitized, wrapped, sealed, and placed in the middle of the room. Any items situated on the floor such as clothing, toys, clutter, etc. will also be  sanitized, secured and sealed.

All pictures hanging on the wall will be vacuumed, sanitized, and wrapped. All artwork will be secured and wrapped once deemed bug free. This process is very similar to the way your art would be curated at a gallery or art storage facility.

Children's plush toys and books will be protected by us as well.

Stripping and Dismantling of Bedding

It is of paramount importance to strip bed down to raw mattress and box spring. Without doing this your exterminator will not be able to apply pesticides to area correctly.

We will dismantle your bed when necessary, separating the headboard and foot board from the bed frame. This allows the exterminator to thoroughly treat the structure of your bed. This is done more so for intricate and elaborate beds. simple frames can be treated as is. Either way we have you covered!

Vacuuming & Thermal Sanitizing of Live Bed Bugs & Eggs

Using a high power HEPA MITE vacuum designed for insects, we will vacuum all box springs, mattresses, bed frames, nightstands, tables, chairs, couches, baseboards, rugs, and pictures.

All of our teams are also equipped with industrial garment steamers to provide different variations of heat to sanitize your articles of clothing. Leather and suede items are processed with dry heating devices.  Laundry will be removed from closets and dressers, processed by our techs individually, then coupled together with similar items, before we vacuum seal and color code for easy put back once this nightmare is over. 

Perimeter and Electrical Outlet Preparation

We will move couches, wall units, beds, dressers, end tables, nightstands, and all other obstructions three feet from the wall to make the perimeter areas accessible for the exterminator.

Some exterminators will request that face plates on electrical switches and outlets be removed before pesticides can be applied. If this is the case, as per request of your pest control agent, Pest Prep NYC will provide this service so you  are ready for your extermination to begin.

bed bug preparation of a homeprepped closet for bed bugs


Once your property is treated and cleared by your pest control company, though this nightmare is not quite over, don’t worry.. we can help!

Hoard Removal service
Clothing moth preparation
carpet beetle preparation


 Pest Prep will effectively prepare ANY situation with precision. It is important to anyone living in these conditions to be treated with care. What may look like a huge mess to anyone else, the piles of what seems to be trash is in most cases mentally  priceless to the individual living in it. It becomes a virtual hug in essence, or replacement of a lost loved one. Situations like this are usually caused by some type of traumatic experience. We understand this, and treat each troubled case with the care and professionalism all of our customers deserve. You can count on us to see these hard situations through keeping you or your family member safe.


Over the last decade of preparing homes and offices for bed bug remediation we have been contracted to help with severe moth remediation because of our attention to detail. Meticulously handling our customers belongings come with great responsibility. Our proven prep treatment using three different variations of heat will give you the confidence that your belongings are safe. More importantly once we get our instruction from any exterminator, it is our responsibility to execute them to the letter, which forces accountability on your pest control professional. The other added bonus to our thorough approach is we will be able to identify the source as we prepare for treatment. All pest control professionals will agree, that finding the source of a Moth infestation is the key to successful remediation.  Our advice is free and and a phone call away. We are here to help.


Preparing for extermination of carpet beetles and bed bugs involves similar steps due to the necessity of thorough cleaning and decluttering in affected areas. For both pests, it's crucial to vacuum extensively, focusing on carpets, upholstery, and areas where they are commonly found. Washing fabrics such as bedding, curtains, and clothing in hot water is also a common step, as high temperatures can kill these insects and their larvae. Additionally, both preparations may involve sealing cracks and crevices to prevent the pests from hiding or re-entering, and removing or isolating infested items to contain the infestation. While there are similarities, specific preparations can vary based on the extent of the infestation and the pest's unique behaviors and habitats.

commercial bed bug preparation
bed bug inspection


Preparing for bed bug extermination in commercial spaces involves a comprehensive approach due to the larger and more varied environments compared to residential settings. It's important to focus on deep cleaning and  decluttering of the entire space. This includes vacuuming and isolating all areas extensively, especially carpets, furniture, and any fabric surfaces, as bed bugs can hide in tiny crevices and folds. Additionally, ensuring that all linens, curtains, and fabric materials are processed using our heat treatments, as high temperatures can kill bed bugs.


Cutting edge fiber optic technology will give you the answers you need. We have the ability to give our customers insight that no other company can. We will be able to inspect areas that normally could not be seen from the surface. Our camera is equipped with a full HD color screen to see inside furniture, beds, and infrastructure of apartments, homes, or full apartment buildings.

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