PEST PREP NYC is proud to present our new inspection division



Pest Prep NYC is excited to announce:

Cutting edge fiber optic technology will give you the answers you need. We have the ability to give our customers insight that no other company can. We will be able to inspect areas that normally could not be seen from the surface leaving you to "treat just to be safe". Our cameras are all equipped with a full HD color screen to see inside furniture, beds, and infrastructure of apartments, homes, or full apartment buildings.  Let us prove infestations to you and never do the "treat to be safe" inspection again.

Confirmed Alert Inspection group

Property Managers and Landlords

As a property manager, you understand the importance of maintaining your facilities in top condition. However, hidden problems behind walls can pose significant challenges, leading to:

  • Unexpected Damages: Leaky pipes, electrical issues, and structural damage, and our specialty bed bug wall breach migrations. Commonly known as a line of apartments all becoming infested.

  • K9 vs 4k video endoscope camera Inspections: They do share one key fact. Both the camera and the k9 are tools not the inspection. Did you know that there is not a k9 on earth that can tell its handler there is a bed bug infestation? The smartest Lassie caliber of dog possesses the brain caliber of a 3-year-old child. They cannot or better said, do not determine infestations, or charge people with drug offenses for that matter. The k9 only alerts to a pheromone they are trained to find and will react telling the handler/inspector to “look over here”. When the k9 alerts, that is what is known as an “unconfirmed alert” not a positive for Bed Bugs. Unfortunately, this is how 8 out of 10 k9 inspections are carried out.  If your current k9 handler is not confirming their k9 alerts, all they are doing is taking their pet for a walk around your tenants’ homes, causing buildings to pay tens of thousands of dollars in pest control that was never necessary. We can fix this with technology. Endoscope cameras are used in every facet of our lives. From medical to mechanics and even law enforcement. There is no reason this technology should not be used for bed bug inspection purposes. Bed bugs are a binary thing. They are either there or they are not. We can prove it. We can either be used on the front end of bed bug inquiries', or to prove they are gone.

  • Large Scale Building Infrastructural Inspections: We can literally give you a picture of your entire building. Inside walls, electrical conduits, forced air ducts, or anywhere bed bugs could breech the walls of your buildings.

  • Alerts to finite areas: Ever have a k9 alert to a mattress, couch or even an ottoman but not actually see bugs, and you still pay for extermination? With our inspection process we can see inside all the above and more. Providing you with HD video of areas of concern. Finally, proving if bed bugs are there or not.

  • Never lose a prospective tenant because of a positive “bed bug affidavit” concern: Prove to new lease signers or buyers that apartments that were positive in the last twelve months are clear with proof. All types of buildings deal with bed bugs. Show new residents you know what is really going on.

  • No Need to wait 30 days for clearance of bed bugs: Never wait 30 days after final extermination to bring in a k9 to confirm treatments were successful. Once your Pest Control company believes they have finished treating. Call Us we can confirm or deny presence of bugs immediately. 

Introducing a cutting edge revolutionary solution:

 Fiber optic camera inspections

 This innovative technology allows us to see behind walls, ceilings, and floors, behind built in bookshelves or cabinets, mattress’, box springs, couches, ottomans, and just about anything. 360-degree lit camera lens. Providing a clear HD picture of potential problems. Stop guessing and paying for infestations that are not proven to be present.

No drilling is necessary in most cases. We gain entry to walls through faceplates of light switches, electrical outlets, cable conduits, or even ducts, or pipe runs. Biannual building wide inspections will cut unnecessary exterminations that do not confirm k9 alerts.


We gain access to mattresses through rivets and can inspect entire mattress with ease. Box springs are inspected with a small 2-inch incision to cheese cloth at any corner, which will be sealed once inspection is performed with gaffe tape.

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