pest prep nyc



Pest Prep NYC was started after my family contracted Bed Bugs at my residence. For some context, both my wife and I are jaded, born and bred New Yorkers. 

My wife was working as a designer for a well known jeans manufacturer. After fashion week, she came home with 6 big brown shopping bags of sample jeans that were not going to production. This was the culprit and it forever changed my life. I own a 4 family home on the upper east side. After dealing with all the emotional conflicts this unfortunate situation presented for my family, I had a bigger problem... I could not get rid of them no matter how many times we exterminated.  The bugs were migrating from apartment to apartment. It was an utter nightmare.

Tens of thousands of dollars later I had to put a stop to this. I once worked as an underwriter or as I like to call it, BB (before bugs), and was now on a mission. I personally prepared all 4 apartments in my building meticulously. I became obsessed. After 6 months of dealing with this, I learned that Bed Bug Prep was the key. Whenever my past attempts at remediation failed, the common denominator was the same excuse from every exterminator, "something wasn't properly prepared." I was tired of the excuses.

The last exterminating company we used, the one that finally helped to rid us of this problem, was so enamored with the detail of my prep and called it "Amazing!" They said I should go into business because "no one does this," and "if all my jobs were prepped like this, it would make my  life much easier!" I took his words to heart.  Since then we have become the #1 prep service company helping New Yorkers with Bed Bug Preparation, and making a difference in this predatory industry.